Scott Donald. Australia's leading dog trainer.

The SOX Method of dog training

Scott's SOX method is based entirely on understanding how a dog thinks and is based on training in a respectful, non confronting way.

Scott's system avoids short term solutions such as treats and rewards and is instead based on building a foundation of attentive training.

Lifetime results for your dog

When followed correctly, the SOX method delivers results which last the lifetime of your dog (assuming fair, ongoing treatment by the dog owner).

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"This is the ultimate guide to training
and maintaining your dog."

Rebecca Harris, Television Presenter, Animal Hospital


Step 1.

Gain the attention of your dog

Scott's first step is always to focus on 'attentive training' – getting the dog to regard the handler as the leader, and gaining the dog's full attention. An attentive dog is always more open to training and this step forms a strong foundation for the rest of the program.

Step 2.

Simple, easy to follow lessons

Scott then follows the SOX Method's 3 lesson plans ('S', 'O', and 'X') which use a set of predetermined turns and halts, taking advantage of the dog's natural drive to lead and to follow. The structured lesson plans teach the basic commands of 'sit', 'stay' and 'heel' by providing clear and defined boundaries to work in.

Step 3.

Advanced dog obedience lessons

Once mastered, Scott goes on to teach advanced dog obedience lessons, including the down and come commands, and 'down stay' and 'advanced stay' exercises. There are also lessons on long leash training and guidance on ongoing maintenance. Everything is simple and easy to follow!


Why is the SOX Method of training so successful?

  • Based on thorough understanding of dog psychology
  • Based on a strong foundation of 'attentive training'
  • Delivers long term results and avoids short term fixes such as treats and rewards
  • Founded on Scott's 30 years of skills and knowledge in dog training
  • Works across all breeds and ages
  • Used to successfully train over 10,000 working and family dogs

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"We've been with K9 Master Class since its inception. We've found it to be both a great form of communication between clients and their pets and an excellent pet management tool."

Dr Allan Cornich
Owner, City Vet


"We've found that the K9 Master Class system has just been outstanding. Here in the grooming salon, we've found any dog that's been trained under this system is so much easier to handle and groom."

Owner, Animal Magic Grooming Salons


"Zeus is a Rottweiler – he's a big, powerful breed. He's a good companion, but I like to know that I can keep control of him the whole time. K9 Master Class has enabled me to do just that."

Owner of Zeus