Scott Donald. Australia's leading dog trainer.

A complete, DIY dog training package

K9 Master Class Training Basics is a comprehensive, DIY dog training package based on the SOX method: a simple but extremely effective dog training system developed over 30 years by internationally renowned Dog Trainer, Scott Donald.


"Based on 4 basic steps, this is the ultimate guide to training and maintaining your dog."

Rebecca Harris, Television Presenter, Animal Hospital


Successfully train your own dog

  • Successfully train any dog breed. Proven success with all dog breeds, from Poodles to Rottweilers.
  • Simple enough for the whole family to do – get your children involved!
  • Results last the lifetime of your dog (assumes fair and reasonable treatment by the dog owner).
  • Narrated and endorsed by Rebecca Harris (Burke's Backyard and Animal Hospital Presenter).

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Complete DIY dog training package

  • Overview of SOX Method of Dog Training
  • Step by Step SOX Method video lesson plans, with diagrams and clear instructions
  • Supporting field notes for each lesson, for use on location
  • Advanced Exercises
  • Long Leash Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • 200 page Training Manual – which you can refer to for more information

K9 Master Class Training Basics contents


Benefits of DIY dog training

  • Train your own dog in your own time, at your own pace
  • Simple, portable technology ideal to take on location
  • Fraction of price of personal dog training
  • Train your dog in a familiar location
  • Easy to follow, guided lesson plans
  • Your whole family can get involved – great activity for kids
  • If followed step by step, results last the lifetime of the dog
  • Once learned, you will have these skills for life so you can train future pets as well
  • Effective for most breeds of dogs